About the site

Hey, I'm Zack Skrip and I write to teach people how to properly read, interpret, and apply the word of God for their fellow Christian.  I started this site because I have a passion for showing others that the Bible can be understood and applied by everyone. 

What I'll be posting

  • Inductive Bible study techniques
  • Examples of good and bad exegesis (fancy word for an explanation of what the Bible says)
  • Something I call "Share-ables." Short and simple explanations for common questions from small group students--something you can forward to your class to head off confusion.
  • Some discussion of "knowing," also known as epistemology--what we can know and how certain we can (or can't) be
  • Book reviews
  • I think you get the idea

Why I do this

I studied Biblical Studies at Moody Bible Institute, and Trinity Western University (mostly the latter). I have a B.A. in Biblical Studies and am a thesis shy of an M.A. in Biblical Studies (both from TWU). Basically, my background is in the academic side of biblical studies. While most of my friends went on to get PhDs from places like Manchester and Oxford, I got a job and got married. I was pretty disillusioned with the Bible after I saw liberals twist it every which way.

They would start by relentlessly asking questions that actually have answers, but my fellow students and I were too biblically illiterate to know that. So they went unanswered, and our faith was shaken. I later went on to ask those same questions in my own teaching only to later realize how foolish I was. I still remember those days and ask God for forgiveness.

After sitting through this for so many years, I started to think that nothing could be known about the Bible.

It took a thoughtful pastor to start to turn things around for me. I moved after he got me started, and have been blessed to sit under another pastor that listened to my concerns but also had the courage to push me to answer my own questions.

It feels like all of that was so long ago.

Since then, I've tried to harness my education and use it for good instead of evil (:-P ). If there was one job I would do for free the rest of my life, it would be teaching the Bible. It can be known, and understood--most of all, it should be obeyed and loved.


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