What I Have Learned about Family Worship this Month

I have wanted to read Scripture with my family every night for a long time, but I never could get any traction. While it's been far from perfect, I've seen some real progress this month and I thought I would share some advice, from one sinful man to other sinful men. 
One of the discouraging things for me was that I was looking forward to the in-depth conversations about the word that I could have with my wife, but after a full day at work, the pressure to have something ready every night, and the joy of trying to keep our infant son from destroying my prized commentaries, well, the discussion hasn't been what I wanted it to be. Some of these things will get better with time (my son will grow up), but some of these things just require more planning and adjusted expectations. When it didn't go as I wanted it to, I would get discouraged and then I would try to change something to get the results I was looking for. Ever the pragmatist, I didn't trust in the power of the Gospel to change lives a little at a time, instead I was looking for a system that would put out the results I wanted. This shows my misplaced trust. I thought it was my systems that would change the hearts of my family, but it's God that changes hearts. 
The means of his grace is the reading of Scripture and prayer. When it doesn't go well I need to buckle-down and keep bringing my family before the Lord and not run to the god 'Method,' the god of the business world that is no more capable of changing the hearts of my family than are Scarecrows in a cucumber field (Jeremiah 10:5). 
So far, we've been reading approximately two chapters a day, one Psalm and a chapter from whichever book we're working through. It goes best when I've taken the time to pray through the Psalm that morning and prep the other passage some. I try to think of what the main point of the passages are, and then see how that would change the way we're dealing with a particular issue in our lives. When Scripture reveals the Lord to us, we are to exalt in who God is, be motivated to live a holy life, and stand corrected before an all-good and all-holy God. If I can find a way the passage does one or two things specifically, then I consider it a "win." 
I have a long way to go, but I really want to get better. I hope this inspires you to read the bible with your family, or to keep at it if you already are. Please share in the comments any tips or hard-won wisdom you have.

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