A Question for the TRP13 Students

Earlier, I tweeted a question to those going to The Reformation Project '13. I wanted to know their definition of homophobia.

If you click through to see some of the responses. But I still am not sure if I understand as much as I'd like to.

See, I want to know what they thought of people like me.

I believe any fear of homosexuals or hatred towards them is clearly unbiblical and therefore, sin. I work with gay people, I've had gay friends (have since moved) and last week, I was one of the only people advocating on behalf of a person who had considered himself transgendered.

And I think homosexuality is a sin.

I believe it is a sin because of both the negative and positive teachings of Scripture. I've listened to Mr. Vines' presentation, and while he's clearly gifted as a communicator, I did not find it convincing (for specific exegetical reasons). If a homosexual came to the church I attend, I would welcome them. But if my relationship allowed for it, or if asked for what the bible teaches, I would tell them that the bible calls them to repent. Now you have to understand this in context, because I am the most broken person I know. I'm broken spiritually, sexually, emotionally, and even physically. My sin reaches all areas of my life and it reaches all areas of your life too.

Basically, I believe the homosexual needs to repent in the same way that I need to repent. Some of my favorite sins are culturally acceptable. The world says that there is nothing wrong with it, and I have to fight that daily. I'm not asking anyone else to do anything I don't have to do as well.

I'm not telling them they have to identify as "straight" nor do I think they must attempt a heterosexual marriage. Some sin will tempt us until the day we die. I have a few like that and I hate them.

I affirm that those with SSA are made in the image of God and are therefore due all respect due any other human being. They are my neighbor, and are not "less" in any way.

So, TRP'ers, does this count as homophobia? Because, while the specifics will change, this is conservative Christianity, your "target market."

Thanks for taking the time to consider my question.

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